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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Sells His Milk, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay RuralSeth got back in his truck that was parked in front of the estate. He felt
unsatisfied from the sexual encounter. He hadn't cum and his organ was hot
and stiff.He rode a few blocks further and chose an ultra-modern looking house. He
parked in the driveway and went up to the front door. He was just about to
knock when he noticed a note on the front door glass, held by a snip of
Scotch tape,It read:
Jerry, I'm in the hot tube in back.
Gate is open. Come on back. HuangSeth decided that there was no use knocking, he might as well go through
the gate just like this fellow Jerry was going to do. As far as the name
signed to the note, it must be something real foreign.He walked through and he could hear the sound of water being splashed
about. There is front of him was a bath tub. Least ways it looked like
one, but why out here in the back yard. Rich folks are jest 'culia.There was a young fellow in the tube. Seth came right up and held out he
hand. The fellow in the tube was startled but when he saw the delicious
blond boy, his surprise turned to sexual interest."Howdy lolas bbs nude model name's Seth. I'm sorry to come upon you in yer bathin' but I'm
selling my milk."He waved his bottle carrier around. The young man stood up out of the
water. Seth admired his appearance mightily. He was slim but very
shapely. His perky ass stood away from his body in a sexy way. The boy's
skin was as smooth as that tan, satin covered lampshade that they had won
at the county fair for the size of their bull. And the color was similar,
tan mixed with pink and white. The boy had the most wonderful eyes, sort
of narrow and his lustrous dark pupils glinted in the sun. Seth just stood
there gaping.The hot tube boy felt his cock rising at the sight of this spectacular lad.
He decided to take control of the situation and before long the stranger
would become the fly caught in his web."I'm delighted to meet you milk boy. You are certainly the best looking
chap that I've seen in a long time. We Chinese do not tolerate cow milk
too well, it gives us a belly ache. Do you have rice milk?" He spoke in a
cultivated English accent. He had been educated in Hong Kong, but of
course Seth knew nothing about this. When Seth looked perplexed. The boy
continued, "A soak in the hot tube is just what you need to relax from your
selling efforts. Remove your clothing and join me here.""Wahl that is sure a friendly invitation and I would surely lak to take
advantage."As the Chinese lad's eyes widened, Seth kicked off his shoes and dropped
his overalls. He stepped to the edge of the pool. Huang was looking right
up at his plumb ball sack and his generous cock. He took note of the
exquisite shape of the boy's feet and his elegant legs. No statue from the
Greco-Roman room in the museum could compete with his shape. Oh those
backside halves, that chest and muscled belly!As Seth gingerly stepped into the tube, he took a moment to check out his
bathing companion. Though the boy had this delicate coloring, his ball sac
and preteen lolitas models top
long sexual organ was darker in color, almost pale maroon. Seth
thought that really a nice decoration. He also admired the glossy black
hair under the kid's arms, bold because the hairlessness of the body."You lolli 14 sexy daddy don't keep bath toys in yer tube here? I allus have a duck or two."Huang laughed, a cultivated kind of laugh, "No I do have a fuck or two
here, but no duck."That joke changed Seth's concept of the tube. He figured that this was
gonna be a bit of a sexual activity involved, especially when the slick wet
body crossed the tube and he was encircled in an embrace. The far eastern
boy must have had a second sense of how to get his water bug ready for sex.
He murmured sexily and cupped Seth's strong chin in his slim hands and with
the other stroked the downy check. Seth's eyes closed in ecstasy. Huang
congratulated himself that he had found the key to seducing this country
lad. Seth's full lips puckered out and Huang saw the invitation. He
placed his slim lips with the Cupid Bow enter against Seth's pursed lips.With a minute the farm boy was fully erected and breathing like a spent
horse. Huang stroked the boy's strong back like a mother soothing her
young. Seth was totally out of himself, deeply in lust for the sweet,
pretty, tan boy. Uncharacteristically he reached down and gently grasped
the stiff organ pressing against his hip. Now it was the Chinese boy's
turn to sigh and vibrate in passion. The hot nude young lolitas big farm hand moving in the water
on his cock was almost indescribably sexy. In spite of his normally
controlled demeanor, he was over the edge in passion.He had planned to fuck this boy. His prowess as a top was well known among
his high class friends, like the no-show Jerry. But somehow he felt
subservient to the masculine power of this innocent boy. Instead of
pressing the strong shoulders down to get himself extra hard for a fucking,
he felt himself lifting Seth to the edge of the tube and separating the
strong legs and pushing his face into the apex of the triangle that was
formed.Seth was thrilled. He loved getting his organ stimulated by his brother
and this was doubly exciting because the stranger was so pretty. He put
his ham hand young virgin lolita teen
on the silky back of the neck of his soon to be sucker. Huang
signed with resignation, glad that no one would see his total capitulation.
Seth shuttered in the thrilling feeling as the warm aggressive lips
surrounded his cock head and fluttered fast licks over his piss slit. He
knew he was emitting a lot of pre cum and the Chinese boy was humming in
pleasure. The taste was a powerful stimulant and Huang's sophistication
melted. He avidly wanted to please this boy with no regard for his own
pleasure.Moved down the thick pink shaft, licking all the way, pressing and
unpressing his lips to give the greatest pleasure. Seth was mewling like a
new born calf on the teat, his head whirling in a dizzy ecstasy. Finally
when he felt the Chinese boy almost swallow his cock and began rapid
swallowing he reached the pinnacle. He was rigid with impending orgasm,
but again, he needed a small tender caress to push him over the edge.Huang had already learned that about him a few minutes earlier. He lifted
Seth's tender ball sack that was already thickened and ready to explode.
He stroked it. Seth crowed louder. Then he lifted it up and pulled it
back and forth like a silver bell. Seth felt his whole body stiffening and
with a cry he began to deliver the milk. Huang slurped and slurped in
thrilling pleasure as the delicious farm boy spooge filled his mouth.Seth was almost frightened by the power of his cum. Nothing like that
happened with brother Pick. He'd just shoot. It was nice, but nothing
like this. He climbed out of the tube. He felt weak. As he was putting
on his clothes he heard a plaintive voice from the tube. "Aren't you going
to attend to my needs?""'Course you are right. I forgit my manners. Cum up here lolli 14 sexy daddy and I'll see
what I kin do." Just as Huang propped himself up on the edge and lay back
awaiting his blow job, a voice called out from the gate."Hey you two, am I too late? Did you start without me." He was preteen lolitas models top a tall
lanky red head.Huang called out. "No Jerry, you're just in time to put the fire out."
(Jerry was attired in a fireman's outfit.)Seth was glad that his new boy friend would get the fucking he needed.
Huang took his wallet from the side of the hot tube and held out some bills
to Seth. "Here milk boy, payment for the quart."Back in the truck Seth looked at the bills. "Shit!" he said aloud, voicing
an unusual oath for him. There were two fifty dollar bills in his hand.He thought of going back to the farm, but decided that he'd try one more
house. Surely someone out here likes cow milk.End Part Two
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